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That’s An Ugly Baby!

OK, it is only right that I admit that I used to roll my eyes at a neighbor who walked her Bitchen Frizzy (sorry, Bichon Frise) in a little stroller with an umbrella attachment around my old neighborhood. She said that her dog had gotten too old, but still liked to go outside. Maybe it kept them both more active, I thought.

Then, I moved to a very dog-friendly city, where I admittedly scoffed at the wealthy old ladies walking their pets around the Saturday Morning Market, showing off their latest foo-foos and jewels (dogs and owners alike). I think whoever invents plastic surgery for posh pooches will make millions in my town alone.

But then, I got a bulldog. I like to walk and when I do get out and about, I tend to want to walk far. Bulldogs get over-heated easily and have trouble breathing in general, but are stubborn and will often keep pushing themselves until they pass out or stroke out. A bulldog in Florida is even more challenged. My dog likes to go outside and look around or take a trip to the dog park located about 3 miles away. As a former lab owner, I wanted to walk her to the park to really wear her out, but knew that wasn’t wise. So…I broke down and bought a pet stroller. I thought that a jogging stroller might not be so obnoxious, but clearly based on some of the looks I get, I was wrong.


Daisy paws at the stroller to get in when she has had enough walking. The princess enjoys being pushed around. The other day, she wanted to get in on the corner, which was on an incline. I let her in, not aware that her adult weight would cause the stroller to tip backwards, knocking her into the street. An older woman in a Mercedes Benz saw the stroller tip and pulled over right away, concerned that the “baby” may have been injured as I struggled to lift the stroller back up and keep Daisy safely inside. When she saw my “ugly baby” she rolled her eyes and continued on her way.

I never thought I would be one of those nutty dog pushers, but I have joined the club and regret judging others for bringing a little happiness to the mundane life of their house pets. And if it helps slow down the growth of my thighs, then I will continue to Jenerously push my ugly baby with my head held high!

OK, it is only right that I admit that I used to roll my eyes at a neighbor who walked her Bitchen Frizzy (sorry, Bichon...

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