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What Would You Do?

Gerdi McKenna is amazed by such a beautiful gesture of love.

Please watch this amazing video before you read my post, or else you won’t understand a word I am about to say. It is about true friendship and women who are stripping down, so hopefully one of those topics appeals to you and convinces you that this is worth just 4 minutes of your time…

Anything for love … from Albert Bredenhann on Vimeo.

So, it wasn’t really about women “stripping down” but they did shed a bit…and hopefully it got more people to experience this amazing display of true friendship and love. I now grant you permission to continue :-)

Watching this story unfold raised so many questions in my mind. Would I actually do that if faced with the same invitation? I don’t know that I could answer that honestly until I sat in the salon chair. Would I let the opinions of others influence my decision? If I was in Gerdi’s situation, how many of my friends would be there in all of their bald glory? Would I be surprised by some of the faces that I saw and some that were missing? Could we celebrate each other with as much joy if we didn’t have a hardship come along to create the opportunity?

This video points out the obvious…without our health we really have nothing, good friends can help you get through any situation, and…a little champagne can make any party more fun (duh…)! But it also points out two other facts. First, that bald IS beautiful. I couldn’t help but notice how each woman looked more beautiful after she made the sacrifice of her hair. They each gave up their pride with JOY and it shone so brightly through their eyes and their smiles. It gave them a rawness that allowed us to more clearly see their inner spirits. And, second, that anyone can give. The things that matter most don’t cost money. It is the gestures, the smiles, the listening, the hugs, the daily kindnesses that mean the most. If we could each choose to give a little more of ourselves, in a personal way, the world would be a better place…with a few more happy bald people.

Please watch this amazing video before you read my post, or else you won't understand a word I am about to say. It is ab...

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