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Cards for Cassie

Cards for Cassie

Are you looking for a simple and affordable way to make a difference this week? Here’s your opportunity!

On February 6th, Cassie was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (aka Breast Cancer) at age 30. Because she has inflammatory breast cancer and multiple masses, she has to go through chemotherapy prior to undergoing a double mastectomy. The news came on the same day as the 10th anniversary of her daughter’s death. Cassie said that it was fitting to “have all bad things happen on the same day.” She has two young boys, Jaxon (7) and Callen (4). What I find most inspiring about Cassie’s story is that she is married to Josh, an Army parachute rigger, or ’92R’ for those familiar with Military Occupation Specialties. The family, originally from Texas, has been stationed in Kaiserslautern, Germany since August of 2012. That is a huge change from the Lone Star State!

Of course, we all deeply appreciate the commitment that our service men and women make to preserving our freedom, but we must also applaud the commitment that the ‘force behind the force’ (the family) makes. Postponing careers, changing schools, leaving family and friends behind and missing out on the comforts of home are just a few examples of the sacrifices that they make. Cassie attends school and has continued to pursue her advanced education while in Germany. She has been getting up in the middle of the night to attend classes online and has still managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA. Thankfully, her school has allowed her to take a leave of absence during her treatment and is holding a place for her in the program.

Cassie and Josh sporting PINK in Germany!  A united front...

Cassie and Josh sporting PINK in Germany! A united front…

We have set a goal to gather 100 uplifting cards to help Cassie fight the fight and remind her that people at home are sending positive thoughts and prayers her way. We will keep a running total on our website as we receive them.

Please send a card to:

Just Jenerous
Attn: Cards for Cassie
PO Box 3152
Windermere, FL 34786

Write a thoughtful note, include inspiring quotes, add a poem, tell a joke, make a bookmark, get creative! Anything loving goes!

Cassie doesn’t know that this is happening, so she will be very surprised when she gets her care package. The plan is to have her open it on Skype. We will record the call and post a video on our website.

In addition, Molly Hills (one of our favorite Just Jenerous supporters) has generously donated three Stella & Dot “Courage” bracelets, which state “from caring comes strength.” So true! One is for Cassie, one is for her BFF (Rachel) who is helping to coordinate the give and one is for one of our card contributors. We will put all of your names in a hat and draw one lucky winner, so please put your name and return address on the envelope. Cassie will also receive a beautiful Stella & Dot “Frida” scarf, which can double as a fun pink head wrap!

Please send your cards ASAP! And please SHARE this card campaign with all of your friends. It is a simple and easy way to make a huge difference in the life of one of our Army wives!

Are you looking for a simple and affordable way to make a difference this week? Here's your opportunity! On February 6th...

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Thank You Veterans

Can we ever thank those who defend our country enough? I don’t think it is possible. Similarly, it is just as important to thank the families of those who make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Thank you to the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, spouses and children of those who serve and those who have died doing so. As the mother of one child, I can’t imagine sending him off to war. Today, I think of each of you and am grateful for the gift you have given our country.

I read a wonderful Memorial Day Story I wanted to share. It is about love, keeping memories alive, coming of age and paying tribute to our heroes. It reminds us that “life isn’t just about getting what you want. Sometimes it involves giving up the things you love for what you love even more.”

Here’s to the heroes and those who love them. To the dreams they had and the dreams they gave up. For the lives they touched and the freedom they defended. Today, we honor you.

Can we ever thank those who defend our country enough? I don't think it is possible. Similarly, it is just as important...

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Viva Los Vets!


Early this morning, I drove by the car wash down the street from my house and I saw a young boy raising the American flag. That raises many emotions in citizens, but today (as with many times I see the flag) it made me reflect upon an amazing gift…my uncle Richard. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to get to know my uncle very well, as he is pretty guarded. I did have the honor of reading a letter he wrote when in Vietnam, when he shared how difficult it was to gather up the remains of a friend in Charlie Company to carry him back for a proper burial. I can’t even imagine.

Many of the chidren of my generation were born during the Vietnam War and we grew up hearing the stories of bloodshed and returning to an unsupportive country. Most of these men were doing what our country expected of them as citizens. This made my generation appreciate the Vets and become even more patriotic. My uncle volunteered in hopes that if that if death was inevitable, the sole survivor policy would kick in and protect his brothers (my father) from the draft. His father, my grandfather, served in WWII and all three of his sons served in the military at some point. I feel that, in many ways, I owe my life to my uncle Richard. For if he had not volunteered for Vietnam, my father may have been drafted in that ugly war. For that, I exist only to be grateful!

Tonight, I was having dinner with my friend Karen and our sons at a local hibachi restaurant. The waiter asked if only one person could join our table. “The more the merrier,” of course. Our new friend Paul joined us and he shared his experiences in the Army. Today, he still participates in the Patriot Guard Riders, who attend funerals for fallen soldiers. The organization was originally started to protect the deceased’s families (by physically shielding them) against war protesters. Paul, adorned in tasteful riding gear, was making his way from the Keys to Bike Week in Daytona. He shared that his group is now less focused on protecting and more focused on paying homage to those who have served and their families. Paul’s message of inspiration, his dedication to helping surviving families, his personal humility and his own service in the Army, partnered with my own recent reflection of my uncle’s selfless service, warranted a free dinner for our guest passing through town. He is a kind soul.


The fun part was seeing the service staff gather to watch him get the news that his dinner was one me. They all said that they had NEVER seen anyone pick up another party’s tab. Could it really be that rare? The highlight for me was seeing my BFF, Karen, volunteer to kick in for half. It made both of our nights! Giving is so much better than receiving and giving to those who risked their lives for us is even more rewarding.

THANK THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED Early this morning, I drove by the car wash down the street from my house and I saw a young...

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