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Bikes for Buddies

Callee's Bikes for Buddies

Some kids are born entrepreneurs, some are born philanthropists, but few are both.  Meet Callee, age 8.  She lives on my street and sets up her lemonade stand every weekend from noon-3:00 (and even some days after school) to raise money to buy Christmas bikes for children at the ASAP Women and Children’s Homeless Shelter in St. Petersburg, FL.  I don’t drink sugary beverages so I must admit that I snub the lemonade every weekend, driving by with a simple wave and a smile.  Today, I decided to walk down and pay a visit to the growing operation.  Sometimes Jenerosity is simply stopping to support your local lemonade stand.

I learned a lot about Callee’s home-grown charity.  She accepts cash donations and used bike parts/accessories.  $10=1 Helmet; $50=1 new tricycle, 12″ or 16″ bike; $60=1 new 20″ or 24″ bike.  Last year, she donated 27 new bikes, 2 used bikes, 14 new helmets, 2 used helmets and 9 ride-on toys.  She often has friends join her to assist by waving at cars and pouring beverages.  Today, Eva (also age 8) was assisting.  Eva’s birthday is next week and she has asked that her party-goers bring items for needy pets at the local shelter in lieu of gifts.  How many kids do you know who would forfeit their birthday gifts for a chew toy?  Not many.  I, for one, wasn’t about to give up my Rick Springfield tickets at that age!

My husband and I just had to make a donation…how could we resist?  Unfortunately, while we were making the transaction, Callee’s banner (with heavy wooden poles) collapsed and hit her in the head.  She was really shaken up but, fortunately, not seriously injured.  I know firsthand how difficult it is to secure unrestricted donations for capital improvements; I hope she puts our $20 toward a new sign.  Next week, I will take my 10-year old down there to meet her in hopes that her Jenerosity will rub off on him.  And he won’t know that I have already targeted her as potential daughter-in-law material.  Smart, cute, generous and 8 years old.  She is perfect for him!

All kidding aside…if you would like to donate to Callee’s Bikes for Buddies, please let me know and I can assist with facilitating your donation.  Or…you can donate to the wedding fund if you prefer <wink, wink>.

Some kids are born entrepreneurs, some are born philanthropists, but few are both.  Meet Callee, age 8.  She lives on my...

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