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I love you memo

My dad has always told a lot of jokes…”a million of ‘em” to be exact.  As children, he would often ask us, “When is the best time to say ‘I love you?’”  We would wait for the punch line.  And he would follow with a simple, “Right now.”  He was right.  There is no better time than Right Now to say those three important words.

Those words are meaningful, but our society has also put a lot of pressure on them.  Who said it first?  Did he say it back?  Do you think she meant it?  Does he say it too often?  Who else is she saying it to?  Quit contributing to over-analysis of this beautiful gift of communicating love.  If you feel it, say it…without regret.  Saying it doesn’t mean you have to propose marriage, or that you are obligated to change their bed pans in 40 years or that you are being disloyal to someone else you love.  There is always enough love to go around.  Love is not a lifelong commitment.  It CAN evolve into that if you both choose to nurture the relationship.  But for now, if you feel love for someone, say it.  Love without regret because if for a moment you love someone with all of your heart, you may regret it if you never get another chance to tell them.

Saying “I Love You” doesn’t always have to be romantic.  I often end calls with my family and close friends with “I Love You.”  I think it gets easier to do so as we get older, when we realize that time isn’t eternal, for ourselves and for those we love.  I love how my friends listen, offer to help, make me laugh and share their lives with me.  Why wouldn’t I say it?  And when would I ever grow tired of hearing it?

When I was a child, we had a poster hanging in our laundry room of a cute bunny that said “If you love some bunny, let them go.”  I always thought it was a typo.  Shouldn’t it be, “If you love some bunny, let them KNOW?”  Maybe if you let them know, you would never have to let them go.

Love is beautiful.  Love is free.  We can all give it.  Tell someone special today, RIGHT NOW.

My dad has always told a lot of jokes..."a million of 'em" to be exact.  As children, he would often ask us, "When is th...

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